Printable Salon Appointment Book Template for 2023

In today’s salon world, keeping track of your appointment schedule as you plan activities can be a lot- so, we’ve created a printable salon appointment book template to help make things easier.

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  4. Monthly Appointment Calendar
  5. How To Keep Your Salon Appointment Calendar Organized
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Printable Salon Appointment Book Template


If you’re like any salon owner I know, then you have to manage multiple daily appointments, as well as keep your monthly and weekly appointments organized and stay on top of any last-minute schedule changes.

In fact, your job depends on being organized and ready to take on the unexpected, whether this is a new appointment at the last minute, or a big change that requires you to rearrange your entire calendar.

Having an appointment calendar template ready to use makes staying on top of everything much easier.

Appointment calendars will help you and your team avoid double-booking or missing appointments, and you can view and change your schedule as needed using basic software like Word or Excel.

A pro tip for making the most of your appointment calendar template is to save the main template as a separate Excel or Word file, then copying the original to use as a blank appointment book for each new day, week or month.

You can also color-code different sections or cells, depending on what’s on the schedule- separating time with clients from salon staff meetings or business trips, etc.

We’ll take a look at some different appointment calendar templates and formats that you can use.

If you’re interested and want to get started right away, Zolmi has prepared a free downloadable appointment schedule template that you can use today for your salon management, just fill out the form below to get started.

Daily Appointment Calendar


This is a basic daily appointment calendar template that will help you manage your time more efficiently in a salon.

It provides a quick view of the structure of your workday and makes setting appointments each day easy and very visual. You can see the time interval between appointments at a glance and decide where to fit in any new activities or commitments.

This layout can easily be created as an Excel spreadsheet, or inserted with additional notes as a word document.

Here’s an example of a printable appointment book template that’s available to help you manage your daily schedule:

Daily appointment calendar template in India
Daily Appointment Calendar Template in India

Weekly Appointment Calendar


Weekly appointment calendar templates are usually a bit less detailed than a daily one, but you can always insert notes into the Word or Excel file to add any necessary information as needed.

This kind of calendar template can help salon managers and owners keep track of weekly staff schedules, inventory and cleaning duties or important appointments and meeting times. You can even print one out to keep by your desk for the coming weeks.

Some examples include:

Weekly appointment calendar template in India
Weekly Appointment Calendar Template in India

Monthly Appointment Calendar


Having a monthly appointment calendar template is always a good idea if you want to plan anything long-term for your salon business.

You may even want to have different monthly templates ready for separate purposes if your business is busy or you’re managing multiple locations. You can organize your monthly appointments and print them out or link the cells to a central spreadsheet.

List everything down by day, then link to a separate section with details, or even to a daily calendar appointment template for each detail for a more in-depth view.

Here are some more templates with some examples for organizing your schedule on a monthly basis:

Monthly appointment calendar template in India
Monthly Appointment Calendar Template in India

How To Keep Your Salon Appointment Calendar Organized


Keeping appointments and the dates for important meetings organized on your schedule may sound like a lot of work, but there are some strategies that you can use to make it easier.

First, consider using a color-coding system in your daily or week view to differentiate between different types of commitments on your appointment calendar template- this can make it easier to see where you’ll need to be at a glance.

You can use conditional formatting to automatically highlight Excel cells, in order to make items with a certain start date or meeting time stand out.

Next, you can use asterisks or symbols to indicate that you need to scroll down in a Word document for more details, whereas you can add notes directly to an Excel worksheet and scroll over them to view the information.

When you’re ready to print your calendar, you can use duplex mode to print multiple pages and worksheets at once, and even double-sided if you want to keep everything organized in a yearly binder.

Finally, make sure to note down the start date or start hour for each commitment if you’re using a file organized by week rather than day, in order to avoid overlap.

Putting all of this effort into creating the perfect calendar template to suit your salon’s needs (and then having to edit it) does take time, and many salon owners or managers find it easier to salon software use something that’s already ready to go.

An easy solution to help with all of this is to use Zolmi’s, which already includes a calendar and scheduling features to help you keep your staff schedules and client appointments organized.

Rather than having to set us a daily appointment calendar template and worry about keeping your week and month organized manually, you can set up staff scheduling using our easy-to-access system, right from our mobile app.

You can also offer clients hassle-free online booking 24/7, plus view valuable performance metrics and data to track how your salon is doing across different categories, saving time and money.



No matter how large or small your business is, running a salon is a big job that involves a lot of hard work and the ability to keep track of multiple dates and commitments- the ability to create and juggle different schedules is an essential part of a manager’s toolkit.

Using a printable salon appointment book template, whether it’s a daily appointment calendar template or one for the whole week, can make it a lot easier to stay organized and visualize what you and your team need to do. Consider trying Zolmi to help you stay on top!


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