Complete Guide to Salon Point of Sale in India in 2023

Manually running everything in a salon can be hectic, especially during busy days.

Thanks to advancements in technology, most of the tasks can be automated.

A best salon pos makes the management of a salon efficient and effective.

It also enhances the customers' experience.

What You Will Learn In This Article

The article explains what a salon POS is, its benefits, and features. It also highlights the importance of choosing the right pos system.

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  1. What Is A Salon Point of Sale System?
  2. Benefits of Salon Point of Sale System
  3. The Importance of Choosing the Right Best Salon Pos Systems
  4. Hardware Components of Salon POS Systems
  5. Key Requirements for Salon Point of Sale Software
  6. Conclusion

What Is A Salon Point of Sale System?


A salon pos software is a system that facilitates customers' transactions, stores their information and sales data. The system can be custom-made to fit the specific needs of a salon or spa. For salons and spas that want to streamline their services and stay competitive in the market, having a POS is a great option. With technological advancements, pos systems come with incredible features such as appointment bookings, staff management, and inventory control.

As a salon owner, it'll make your work easier, and you'll have ample time to deliver excellent services to your clients. Manually handling everything can be inefficient, especially in a busy salon.You can have highly qualified employees use high-quality products and amazing salon space, but clients will seek services elsewhere if your organization skills are wanting.

Are you having problems with organization? A salon pos system ensures that everything remains organized.

Benefits of Salon Point of Sale System


Benefits of salon Point of Sale system in India
Benefits of Salon Point of Sale System in India

If you've been in the beauty industry for a long time, you must be aware of the never-ending stiff competition. To have an advantage over others, having a salon or spa POS is a good option.

Here are some of the benefits the system offers to your business.

  • 1. Time

    If your salon is the kind that receives a client after the other, you'll be left with little to no time to handle tasks manually.A POS ensures that tasks like appointments booking, inventory and staff management are completed as first as possible. Utilize the time for providing top-notch services and researching better products.

  • 2. It Creates A Good Image of a Business

    Who doesn't like to be associated with revamped technological advancements? Clients will have confidence in a salon that makes use of modern technology to provide their services. If they can handle an easy-to-use and reliable system efficiently, why not their beauty needs?

  • 3. It Is Efficient

    When doing things manually, it's easy to make mistakes. Even the slightest of mistakes can lead to huge problems in a business. A POS is efficient and will hardly make mistakes when fed with the right input. Once product prices are revised, the new prices can be updated in the system, which avoids price discrepancies. This is particularly useful when a salon has several branches.

  • 4. It's Easy to Use

    Clients and employees don't have to possess special skills to use a POS. Basic computer knowledge is enough.

  • 5. A POS Allows More Than One Payment Option

    One client might be comfortable using a credit card, while another prefers using a cheque. Having a system that features both options ensures that the two customers are satisfied. The more the options, the better. It increases customer satisfaction and adds more revenue.

  • 6. It Is Fast

    No one wants to spend hours waiting to book a salon appointment. A salon management software, such as Zolmi, allows customers to make appointments at anytime, anywhere. Another advantage is that it's able to transact faster than manual systems, which all increases customers' satisfaction.

  • 7. It Enables Efficient Employees Management

    Do you usually find it hard to measure your employees' progress, especially if they are many? A POS keeps track of their information, which can be used to track their progress and act as a managerial tool. The information can be used to reward employees whose performance is exemplary and motivate them to work even harder.

  • 8. It Facilitates Loyalty Programs

    With a POS, it's possible to keep information about your clients. You can reward loyal customers to encourage them to keep on getting your services. Customers' contacts are also useful in sending them promotions and other useful updates.

  • 9. It Gives Accurate Reports

    The salon pos software will keep track of all transactions that have taken place in a certain duration, and you can get a report of the same. The information helps in measuring the progress of the business. The reports can help in better decision making.  Some of the information that can be extracted include:

    • Fast-moving products
    • Slow-moving products
    • Most successful store

The Importance of Choosing the Right Best Salon Pos Systems


Having a pos software isn't enough. It has to be functional and efficient. It also has to look good. Appearance is the first thing that draws attention to many people. However, it's not everything. A good salon pos systems has to be functional.

Do you want it to have features like appointment booking and inventory management? Or both? Ensure they are there before purchasing it.

Every business is unique. What you might need in your system is not what another business needs. The best thing is that it can be tailored to suit your requirements. The right salon management system should be fully functional and easy to use.

If providing quality products and services to your clients is your main focus (it should be), the same should be applied in your salon's point of sale system. Remember, customer experience highly determines the success levels of your business. The right system will help bring in more customers and retain old ones, reduce running costs, save time and increase management efficiency.

Hardware Components of Salon POS Systems


Hardware components of a salon POS system refer to the physical equipment which enables it to function. It allows data input and output. The salon hardware includes:

  • iPad/Tablets

    Cloud-based POS systems will operate using iPads or tablets. They work as displays and allow different operations, such as making payments and bookings.

  • Till Drawer

    A till drawer holds cash and receipt. It is necessary for a salon that accepts payments via cash. With a salon till system, it's possible to monitor what happens in the till drawer.

  • Credit Card Reader

    A credit card reader reads credit and debit cards input from their chips. Every salon will need a card reader unless it accepts cash only.

  • Receipt Printer

    A receipt printer prints a paper that has customer's transactions, with a reference number. It's usually customized with the salon's logo and other important information.

Key Requirements for Salon Point of Sale Software

Key requirements for salon Point of Sale software in India
Key Requirements for Salon Point of Sale Software in India

When you have a salon or spa, having a salon pos software is crucial. It'll streamline most of the processes and make it easy for you, your employees and clients. Here are some of the features every POS should contain.

  • 1. Salon Scheduling

    Do you have problems scheduling different activities the right way? A point of sales system salon will solve your problems. Every aspect of a salon needs proper scheduling; otherwise, problems might arise when there are too many tasks to be done and little time.

    A POS helps in:

    • Scheduling appointments for clients
    • Allocating appointments to employees
    • Scheduling various functions such as Christmas parties
    • Rescheduling appointments to other employees in case of availability changes
    • Allocating time for other tasks like decorations
  • 2. Salon Online Booking

    It's time to forget about your old appointment booking book by incorporating salon booking and point of sale. Salon's pos systems that don't have these features are not worth your time and money. Basically, it should allow clients to:

    • Book appointments any time
    • Book appointments easily and fast
    • Remove appointments
    • Edit appointments to other dates
    • Notify your staff of last-minute booking changes
  • 3. Appointment Reminders

    Some customers may book appointments and forget about them. A hair salon pos systems will make sure no customer skips their appointment in the name of forgetting.

    Your Salon POS will Allow You to:

    • Remind clients of their appointment dates
    • Update clients on any changes concerning their appointments
    • Update your staff on their schedules
    • Follow up on clients who have missed their appointments
  • 4. Employee Management

    Employees play a great role in the salon, as they are the service providers. Managing them properly increases profitability and helps you hit your goals.

    The system should provide crucial information on:

    • Employees availability
    • Tasks allocated to employees
    • Total number of hours an employee has worked
    • The number of clients an employee has attended to
    • Total pos salon commission for an employee
  • 5. Inventory Management

    For a salon to run effectively, inventory has to be properly managed. Handling it manually can result in inefficiency and fraud.

    Here is how a POS will help in inventory management:

    • It'll track products shipments
    • Set up pricing policies
    • Keep track of the products available
    • Send notifications on the products that need to be purchased
    • Identify fast-moving goods and focus more on them instead of the slow-moving ones
  • 6. E-Commerce

    A POS facilitates e-commerce by streamlining processes like sales. Integrating POS with e-commerce gives a salon a competitive advantage over other retailers.

    Basically, the POS software helps in:

    • Improving customer experience
    • Get rid of manual data input
    • Selling products online
    • Enables handling of different tasks at the same time
    • Storage of crucial information about the staff and clients
  • 7. Customer Management

    Customers are a great asset to your business, and if they aren't there, you'll definitely close down. It's because of them that your business is able to make profits and hit financial goals.

    The system helps in customer management by:

    • Notifying the employees on when a customer makes a salon check
    • Storing important customer data such as the products they love, their hair types and length
    • Rewarding loyal customers through a loyalty program
    • Upload and save their photos to easily remember clients
    • Allowing customers to deliver their feedback regarding your products and services
    • Keep a record of how frequent a customer visits the salon
  • 8. Salon Marketing

    Without marketing, any business will fail. Marketing aims at increasing the number of clients and profits. There are several ways of marketing a salon, some of which can be facilitated by a POS.

    The system will enable you:

    • Keep customers data and reach out to them via emails or SMS
    • Send incentive notifications to clients to encourage them to buy your products and services
    • Send newsletters to your email subscribers
    • Generate reports on marketing strategies with a more positive impact
    • Send digital gift cards to customers
  • 9. Gift Certificate

    Gift certificates are powerful marketing tools and can generate more sales. While they can be issued in person, issuing them using a POS is even better and efficient.

    A Simple salon pos will help you:

    • Issue online gift certificates to customers
    • Keep a record of the gift certificates sold
    • Count the total value of the certificates
    • Know The dates the certificates are redeemed
  • 10. Reputation Management

    Your reputation can break or make your business. People will embrace reviews more than any other type of information about your business available. As a salon owner, you want to maintain a good reputation by having positive online reviews.

    A POS system will help you:

    • Receive private messages from clients about your services or products
    • Get recommendations on how to improve your services or products
    • Receive reports on ratings and reviews
    • Notify you anytime a review is made in Google or yelp
    • Receive negative reviews and reach out to affected customer promptly
  • 11. Reporting

    You don't have to be in your business throughout to know how things are happening. You can generate crucial information from your POS.

    The system should help you:

    • Keep track of employees' performance
    • Show the progress of laid out goals
    • Show your most loyal customers
    • Check the efficiency of the accounting department
    • Track the total sales made within a certain duration

How Much Does a Salon POS Cost?

The prices of salon POS systems vary widely and are highly dependent on the system's hardware and software features and the size of a business. A more advanced system with more features will cost more than a simple one. There is no fixed cost price of a POS system, as features differ widely.



A salon point of sale system is a crucial tool every salon or spa should have. It eliminates the need for manual handling of most of the tasks, which can result in costly mistakes. If your salon doesn't have a POS, you're missing out on an efficient and reliable system that could make your work easier. The system can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

However, there are key requirements every system should have, such as appointment booking, employee management, and inventory control. And if you love these ideas or have some other ideas that you've used in the past to promote your salon business, why not share it with the Zolmi community in the comment section below. We would also be delighted to answer your questions, as well.


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