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Salon POS

Our advanced salon POS works perfectly on any device through your browser or apps.

Fly through your checkout using our smart salon POS features. Save time and enhance customer experience with chair-side, customer self-checkout, contactless payments and retail upsell.

Salon POS Features

Appointment Scheduling

Optimise your calendar with our smart scheduling features. Create, reschedule and cancel appointments in your app, whilst having an easy access to your hair stylists schedules.

Enable your clients to book 24/7. Over 60% of salons using Zolmi find most of their bookings are made when they are closed. Get with the times, enhanve customer experience by allowing your clients to self-book.

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Online Booking

Discover the easiest way to allow your salons' clients to schedule appointments 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Did you know that 70% of bookings clients make on the Zolmi platform are made outside salon opening hours?· Online appointment booking for your clients is made simple with a 3-step booking process.

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Salon Website Builder

Get a website fast! Our Salon Website Builder is very intuitive and easy to use and will make it possible for you to create this important marketing tool for your salon to help build trust and increase new clients.

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Inventory Management

You can track the inventory of your products and gain insight into both salon retail products and professionally used through reporting. Get alerts when stocks on products are low.

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Reputation Management

Let Zolmi automate your customer feedback processi. Easily understand what delights and upsets your clients, respond fast and grow a positive online reputation for your hair salon, and improve search position in India.

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Colour Inventory

Cost control is becoming more and more required in today's salons. Zolmi allows you to track the cost of delivering colour services to your client. You can either pass on this cost or treat it as back bar and re-charge booth renters.

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Salon Marketing

Zolmi marketing suite will enable you to promote your salon brand fast. Our marketing solutions build salon earnings by increasing clientele and average spending per appointment. We will support you in keeping personalized engagement with your customers.

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Booth Renters

Zolmi booth renter salon software allows owners and renters to manage all their stations as they like, defining their permissions to allow the reception to manage their schedules.

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Salon Management

Earn more control of your day and efficiently manage all elements of your business. You have it all: inventory management, staff scheduling, point of sale, contactless payments.

Full Salon Management Features
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Staff Rostering

Not only set clear targets for your salon team but also track their performance using real-time metrics. Add smart and conflict-free schedules, check hairdressers' availability quickly, use recurring working hours feature to finish your schedule in a breeze. Automate your stylists' commission calculation, and enhance your business efficiency.

Full Salon Management Features
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