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Bring New Clients and Retain Existing
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E-Mail & SMS Marketing

Zolmi marketing suite will lift your salon brand fast. Our marketing solutions focus on growing your salon revenue by increasing your salon clientele as well as their average spend per visit. We will help you keep personalized engagement with your customers.

sms and email marketing software

Simple Email & SMS Builder

Create eye catching emails and SMS fast and easily.

We provide you with a wide selection of templates to choose from ensuring that you can send email and SMS campaigns to your clients which will get results.

email sms marketing builder

Clever Marketing on Autopilot

Built for salon owners in India like you and not marketeers. Let Zolmi salon marketing software, run the marketing for you with our clever campaigns marketing engine and put your marketing on autopilot.

Add selected by you customer groups and let us send your chosen emails or SMS when your clients fall into these groups without you having to do anything.

marketing automation

Salon Website Building

Want to get online and make sure your website is at the top of Google?

Create your salon website and let new clients find you via Google. With Zolmi salon website builder you can have an optimized website to help get you to the top of Google and get more client bookings.

email sms marketing builder

Customer Reviews

Trust is vital to new clients. With Zolmi salon marketing software, you will get a constant flow of customer reviews using our smart client feedback tool.

With all of these new client reviews, you can disply them on social media, in your salon and on your website.

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How it Works

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Book anywhere
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Appointments stored
in your calendar
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Reminders sent to client
to reduce no-shows
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Checkout the client
Including payment
and adding retail
demo image step 5
Follow up customer
satisfaction survey
sent to client